Operated Drilling Campaign

Operated Drilling Campaign

(Greater Grosbeak Area)

Wellesley’s upcoming drilling campaign will encompass three exploration wells drilled back-to-back. Two wells will be drilled in the Wellesley-operated PL925 licence (Kallåsen and Serin prospects) using the Transocean Arctic drilling rig. A further well is planned to target an extension of the currently stranded Grosbeak Discovery. All reservoir targets are Jurassic in age.

The campaign has the following objectives:

  • Drill out the highest ranked prospectivity to establish if a commercial development is possible in the area
  • If commerciality is feasible, establish the scale of a potential development (tie-back v standalone facility)
  • Collect all the required information in a safe and efficient manner

The campaign will be conducted in Block 35 of the Northern North Sea. The Troll C facility lies 36km to the south and the Gjøa facility lies 18 km to the northeast. The acreage is considered underexplored with few exploration wells drilled in the area since the appraisal of the currently stranded Grosbeak Discovery in 2011. Modern broadband seismic data and new information from surrounding wells has allowed Wellesley’s team to polarise the risk and volume potential of the prospects to a level that justifies exploration drilling.

The range of possible discovery outcomes in the campaign is wide; two wells will penetrate stacked targets such that the campaign will test six reservoir intervals in total. The nature of the individual targets ranges from high risk with material volumes to lower risk, more modest but still valuable prospects. In the success case side tracks and well tests are planned with the aim of establishing the potential of the area in a single campaign.

The Greater Grosbeak drilling campaign is expected to commence in 2018 subject to rig availability and receiving the relevant approvals from the authorities. The campaign is expected to take 100-200 days to complete.