Wellesley Petroleum Corporate Governance


It is a requirement of Wellesley’s HSE Policy that all operations are completed without harm to the people involved, without damage to the assets used and with minimum impact on the environment.

The inherent dangers associated with oil and gas operations can only be controlled to an acceptable level through active risk management (the ALARP principle). The company has developed a robust risk management system to identify, evaluate, address and monitor risks. This system is used for all projects that Wellesley participates in.

Wellesley is now an established and active exploration well operator. During well planning the company’s systems ensure that HSE is given appropriate consideration when selecting service suppliers to work with. All those who represent the company offshore are provided with high quality plans and guidance to minimise the risk of incidents. These principles are also embedded in Wellesley’s operated development planning.

We have developed a management system that is actively used by all staff in the company. This system describes roles and responsibilities, so the organization is aware of their responsibilities and obligations and how projects are to be managed. This ensures planning and execution that is in accordance with all Norwegian regulations