Norway Oil And Gas Exploration


“All the business of life is to endeavour to find out what you don't know by what you do …”

Arthur Wellesley

1st Duke of Wellington (1769 – 1852)

Wellesley Petroleum is focused on hydrocarbon exploration in Norway. The Company is now established as an active and successful exploration operator, having participated in 16 exploration and appraisal wells since early 2016. Wellesley’s business model is sustained by investing in the following activities:

  • Generating new technically and commercially attractive prospects
  • Accessing a material acreage bank via licence rounds and new business initiatives
  • Planning and executing a sustainable drilling campaign of high ranked exploration targets
  • Building capacity and ensuring financial flexibility to take discoveries forward.

Wellesley’s vision is to build a leading E&P business that is recognised for its enduring ability to create value. The execution of our strategy is underpinned by our five Core Values:

  • Teamwork
  • Clarity
  • Ownership
  • Humility
  • Integrity.